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Company History


“Macedo’S Pirotecnia” it`s  a name with 80 years  of History in the Portuguese Pyrotechnics.  The pyrotechnic activity in the family was begun in 1934 by Joaquim da Silva Macedo,  that transmitted all his knowledge, techniques and methods for the son and grandchildren, that defined the current managerial structure, adapted at the modern times and the actual conditions of the national and international market of pyrotechnics.

"Macedo’S Pirotecnia” results of the managerial strategy of the Macedo´s family, that had as starting point the company Fogos de Artificio - Joaquim Macedo & Filhos, Lda. This company for an effective answer to the evolution of the market of pyrotechnics, national and international, specialized his activity and, it proceeded to the separation of the business in two different areas:

- Investigation, Development and Production of pyrotechnic products and,
- Design, Commercialization and Production of Pyrotechnics Shows.

The investigation, development and production of pyrotechnics products continued with the first company, Fogos de Artificio - Joaquim Macedo & Filhos, Lda.  and the  Macedos Pirotecnia, Lda. Company specialized in the Design, Commercialization and Production of Pyrotechnics Shows.

The warranty of the success of the mark “Macedo’S  Pirotecnia” it is  all the “know-how” inherited from the first company, there are many years, with credentials all over the world, proven for the vast participations, in that we have proud of enrolling our name and for the countless REWARDS  and HONORABLE MENTION  obtained along varied decades.

Proud of our past and confident in our future, the company Macedo's  Pirotecnia, Lda., it reached, in 2002, an important step to the TOTAL QUALITY, rendered in the CERTIFICATION OF THE QUALITY  of their pyrotechnic shows, according to the NORM NP EN ISO 9001.
With effect we are the first, and at the moment the only, Portuguese pyrotechnics company, with the SYSTEM OF QUALITY CERTIFIED in according with the international NORM NP EN ISO 9001.

From a long time, we defined as objective for our company to overcome our customers’ expectations and of the public expectations in general, warranting the quality of ours services and the safety of our shows. This quality´s recognition of our services, in pyrotechnics shows, is the largest PRIZE obtained by our collaborators and the best WARRANTY for our customers.